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  • CAJURE Natural 日本植物胎座系列
  • Keana 零毛孔抗UV化妝底霜
  • brilliant eyes 晶亮修護眼霜
  • Stick Blam 高濃度原液直塗筆
  • Glossy EGF RE-CEPT SKIN 彈力美肌修護加強版
  • EGF RE-CEPT Skin 彈力美肌系列
  • Zettoc 3合1 沐浴蒸氣保濕乳液
  • Hot Scrub 3合1去角質磨沙膏
  • Mouthwash 極品無酒精液體牙膏
  • Kids 兒童最新安全果味牙膏
  • Switch 能夠改變心情牙膏
CAJURE Natural 日本植物胎座系列1 Keana 零毛孔抗UV化妝底霜2 brilliant eyes 晶亮修護眼霜3 Stick Blam 高濃度原液直塗筆4 Glossy EGF RE-CEPT SKIN 彈力美肌修護加強版5 EGF RE-CEPT Skin 彈力美肌系列6 Zettoc 3合1 沐浴蒸氣保濕乳液7 Hot Scrub 3合1去角質磨沙膏8 Mouthwash 極品無酒精液體牙膏9 Kids 兒童最新安全果味牙膏10 Switch 能夠改變心情牙膏11
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奢華抗衰老䕶理  EGF 肌膚重塑修䕶系列 

除了EGF這系列的產品還加入多種高級美容成分: 超級透明質酸, 納米膠原蛋白, 彈力蛋白素和ceramide 磷脂質. 不黏不膩, 非常容易被肌膚吸收

Derma CELESTY has been carefully developed by an expert team of Japanese dermatologists to fight skin again.

Formulated from all natural ingredients, Derma CELESTY is proven to be safe and effective in resolving skin problems such as skin sagging, dark pigmentation, wrinkles, rough skin texture, uneven skin tone and dryness.

made in Japan

  1.   無香料, 無人造色素

  2.   無 Paraben

  3.   無礦物油

  4.   無動物油

  5.   經皮膚科醫生測試


  1.   鬆馳, 眼袋

  2.   乾涸

  3.   黑眼圈

  4.   暗沉

  5.   受損睫毛

To be a world leader in beauty and skin care, Narian integrates technologies and design into beauty solutions based on technologies and science for Beauty.

We will fully committed to putting all our efforts and expertise to work for the beauty and well-being of women around the world.....read more

The beauty forever !!

VISS SONIC has been designed to exfoliate skin, clear pores and removed skin cells. Its Titanium head gives you the high quality of microdermabrasion. It can also be used to penetrate vitamins and nutrients deep into the skin.....read more

Your dreams of beautifully smooth, hair-free skin can now be a reality.!

VISS IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) a safe and effective permanent hair reduction system you can use in your own home, With VISS IPL, you can finally free yourself from the daily chore of eliminating unwanted hair. Also, VISS IPL provides acne treatment and skin rejuvenation effects.....read more

CELESTY Flora special care and treatment series.

Exquisite treatments for Mind and Body.



適用: 受損, 脆弱易斷, 粗糙暗唖

締造零瑕健康美肌 暗瘡 瘡印從此絶跡

Derma CELESTY 藥用暗瘡護理系列 初登場!


無暗瘡 無印痕 締造零汚染無瑕素肌


鉑金打造, 唯一的淨白美肌

最新 Derma CELESTY BB霜

Derma CELESTY BB輕柔遮瑕霜壓軸登場!

提升膚色, 改善暗沈煩惱, 令肌膚更健康, 輕盈, 柔滑

每天使用, 持久的無瑕淨白, 防紫外線 SPF41 PA+++

  1. 按摩暖膚

  2. 去角質死皮

  3. 潔膚鎖水

I-Rune made by Korea Medirune co. has been recognized all around the world as having superior effects. and demonstrates superior effects on family health, particularly when women are menstruating!

Now, it’s time for you to experience.....completely alleviate menstrual pain.....A product that is necessary for patients.....All the women in the world should try it at least once!.....Medirune! It’s just as we expected! ......more

The better of your life

來自日本專業級口腔護理專家的研究成果!  世界領先的高品質商品!